Assignment Overview – Philip Stein UK

Client Profile

Philip Stein Logo

The Philip Stein watch company was founded on the belief in the energetic power of naturally occurring frequencies when they are embedded on solid-state materials.

By including a chip that utilises these innovative technologies, Philip Stein watches are designed to improve the natural flow of energy within people’s bodies.

With this cutting-edge technology, Philip Stein has consistently sought to create products that were not only luxurious and beautiful, but also simultaneously improved one’s overall well-being.

Today, Philip Stein watches are sold in 25 countries, and were recently featured on “Oprah’s Favourite Things”.

The Brief

In the Summer of 2009 Philip Stein launched a UK eCommerce site, mirroring the US eCommerce site.

Philip Stein Watches

Upon launch the site generated a disappointingly low amount of Visitor traffic and only few sales.

We were subsequently retained to improve the situation. The contract was later being extended to encompass all aspects of their online marketing in the UK and is the subject of a novel “a shared risk” contractual model.

The Solution

Our first step was to implement Google Analytics on the new eCommerce site. This provided a dashboard to guide the remaining work.

We then conducted a full review of the new eCommerce site, paying particular to usability and Search Engine Optimisation. This allowed us to identify a variety of improvements to the design of the site in order both to improve its visibility in search Engine Results and increase the number of site Visitors that actually made a purchase.

The result was that the site now appears at the top of Google’s search results for their key search terms. For example they achieve 1st position on the 1st page for the term “Natural Frequency Technology”*:

Natural Frequency Technology Search Result

To complement the “organic search” traffic we were also commissioned to create and then manage Philip Stein UK’s online advertising campaign. This also achieved spectacular success, with an exceptionally high click-through rate, low cost per click and very high Return on Investment. For the period between 1st November 2009 and 30th July 2010 the overall figures were as follows:

Google Analytics Showing ROI

*[correct as at 30/7/10 for searches made on for sites in the UK]