Web Analytics


  • Allows fact-based decision making
  • Provides clear guidance to help you to maximise operational & commercial performance
  • Provides a competitive edge over other companies in the same market
  • Very quick, easy and cheap to undertake a simple implementation
  • Highly flexible and adaptable; will allow you to answer questions you had not anticipated asking
  • Can offer benchmarking information


Pie Chart Analysis

Traditional marketing techniques rely largely upon gut-feel and experience to underpin their effectiveness. As a consequence the results are, at best, hit or miss.

However the dawning of the online era has brought with it an opportunity; a vast amount of data is available about a website’s Visitors and their behaviour. Web Analytics is the collection, analysis and interpretation of this data into actionable information.

“Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted;
the problem is I do not know which half!”
Lord Leverhulme 1851-1925, British founder of Unilever and philanthropist

Whatever the goal of your website, whether it be to sell, gain enquires, inform, entertain or indeed anything else, Web Analytics can give you and your business the edge.

“No great marketing decisions have ever
been made on qualitative data”
John Scully 1939-, former president of Pepsi and CEO of Apple

When Could Web Analytics be Relevant to You?

If you have an online presence of any sort then we strongly recommend that you implement Web Analytics.

It really is as simple as that. Without it you are left groping in the dark when trying to improve your online performance, or even to just evaluate it. With it your decisions will be illuminated by facts!

The type of question that can be answered using Web Analytics are virtually unlimited but could include such things as:

  1. What is the most profitable source of website Visitors?
  2. Which of my marketing campaigns is the most effective?
  3. If I increase advertising spend by 20% what is the likely impact on my profitability?
  4. Are there aspects of my website that are deterring Visitors?
  5. I have made a change to my website; what was its impact upon Visitor behaviour?
  6. Are there aspects of my website that are deterring Visitors?
  7. I have made a change to my website; what was its impact upon Visitor behaviour?

Our Approach

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We specialise in the practical application of the world’s most widely deployed Web Analytics application – Google Analytics.

Setting up simple visitor tracking with Google Analytics is easy and access to the package is provided by Google free of charge.

However it is more complex to configure the package to give meaningful, actionable, information rather than just a rather impenetrable mass of apparently meaningless data. This is where we come in! We can either install Google Analytics from scratch or optimise your implementation. Then we work with you to use extract meaningful management information upon which sound decisions can be taken to drive your business forwards.

As with all of our work, we adopt a very flexible approach to our Web Analytics assignments; we adapt our methodology to match each individual client’s unique requirements and circumstances.

Google Analytics Qualified Individual

All of the members of our Analytics Team have been independently examined to prove their proficiency in Google Analytics and each holds the coveted Google IQ Qualification.

Once your Analytics implementation is in place you will quickly start to gain unique perspectives into Visitor activity on your site. Typically this in itself stimulates a chain of additional questions and answers that provide the basis of informed decision making regarding improvements to the site as well as more effectively focussing and directing external promotional activity such as advertising campaigns.

This ongoing process of iterative testing and improvement invariably results in the measurably enhanced performance of the site. This in turn results in a measurable improvement in the performance of your organisation as a whole and can constitute a decisive competitive differentiator.