Assignment Overview – Cronos Distribution

Client Profile

Fruitz Watches Logo

Cronos Distribution is a distributor of luxury goods and has exclusive contracts with a variety of brands including Aaron Basha and Philip Stein.

In the Summer of 2010 they won the rights to distribute the newly launched Fruitz range of exclusive fashion and fun watches in the UK and Ireland. Fruitz watches have a unique, colourful and stylish design and are good for you too as they incorporate whole-body wellbeing Natural Frequency Technology.

The Brief

When the Miami-based company behind Fruitz launched the product in the USA their website was used to reinforce the product’s very distinctive and strong brand identity.

Fruitz Watches Home Page

When a separate eCommerce site was required to service the UK market two particular challenges emerged; the need to underpin the brand identity already created in the US and the need to be able to recycle the various elements of regularly updated supporting collateral (such as celebrity endorsement stories) within the UK site but with the minimum of administrative effort or resource.

We were brought in to create an eCommerce site that was to be hosted and operated in the UK but that was a very close replica of the US site. The contract also incorporated all aspects the online promotion of the site as well as its ongoing operation and maintenance.

The Solution

Using the US Fruitz site as a template we were able to create a UK version of the site with an almost identical look and feel to the US one, thereby protecting the brand values and identity.

Fruitz Classic Blueberry Watch

However by utilising a different underlying technology platform to that which in use in the US we were able reduce the technical complexity of the system, thereby improving its performance, reducing the challenges associated with ongoing maintenance and introducing additional functionality. The non UK-specific pages are maintained by an automated pull-through of data from the US site, thereby maintaining fresh information on the site without manual intervention by the UK staff.

The website was then integrated with a powerful Web Analytics solution that is used to analyse Visitor behaviour and drive commercial decision making.

A multi-pronged online promotion strategy was adopted, incorporating search-based and content-based online advertising, online mall integration and optimisation of the site to perform well for “organic” searches.

Use of the Analytics system to link the website, payments system and online advertising systems means that a full end-to-end picture of the online business is available. This, in turn, allows effective management decision making based upon clear and comprehensive foundation of facts. Truly “Actionable Insight”!