Assignment Overview – Eden Communications

Client Profile

Eden Comms Logo

Eden Communications has been established for more than 20 years and has built a reputation for providing fast and effective customer support.

Initially concentrating on telephone systems, they were one of the first companies to supply and install second-user equipment, primarily to larger organisations expanding their PABX networks.

Eden has expanded its product range over the years and now offers one point of contact for all our clients' telecommunications requirements, covering system hardware and software, voice and data networking, maintenance, telephone calls, voice and data cabling and training.

The Brief

Their website was first built in 2007 but by Autumn 2009 it was looking somewhat dated:

Eden Comms Original Website

The Original Website

A further issue was that it was not successful in its main objective which was to generate enquiries from prospective Customers.

We were initially brought in to redesign and rebuild the website. We were subsequently awarded a contract to revamp and then manage their Google AdWords online advertising campaign.

The Solution

Eden Comms New Website

The first step was to create a Design Brief in conjunction with our Client. This was then utilised by our Graphic Designer to create the ‘look and feel’ of the new site in accordance with our Client’s wishes but also to support the commercial objective of the site, namely to generate enquiries from potential customers.

Once the design was approved it was then implemented by our technical team. The new design features a novel header; the header remains visible even if a site Visitor scrolls down the page. This means that the header’s prominent “Enquire Now” button on the header is perpetually visible, thereby encouraging enquiries.

Another novel feature is the way in which Customer testimonials are displayed on every page of the site. Although this is not unusual in itself the site utilises some sophisticated coding to ensure that each time an individual page is loaded a different testimonial is displayed.

The new site was launched on New Year’s Day 2010 and to ensure high levels of Visitor traffic from the outset the Client invited us to take over the operation of his pre-existing Google AdWords advertising campaign. This was linked to the analytics system that was gathering data about the website’s Visitor traffic and proved to be highly successful, achieving a ~90% reduction in the running costs of the advertising.

The New Website